The most common answer to the question “what do you wish for yourself and your children?” is happiness. But how happy do you really feel? Are you the role model you wish to be for your children? Do you know how to answer the question “What do children need to feel happy”?

Happiness is not sheer luck! Happiness is an art and a science and is strongly related with developing the right skills concerning the idea you have about yourself and your relationship to others. How well are you trained to teach your children the happiness skills?

Until today, the choices for new parents who were seeking support were either self-awareness and personal development seminars or parent-related trainings. However, something was missing; the link between two intertwined goals. Why should anyone be forced to choose between their personal happiness and the happiness of their children, since both are interrelated? This is how the need for this seminar arose and the idea behind it was developed!

The Happy parents Happy Kids seminar is the first of its kind, combining the art of Life Coaching and the science of Pedagogy. In just 4 sessions you will receive answers about yourself and your children, you will increase your confidence as a parent, you will realize the choices you have and you will learn practical tools and techniques. This program is created with the energy of love and positivity, to increase your own as well as your children’s happiness.

The result? Happy parents = Happy kids!