The Happy Parents Happy Kids Seminar

This training program consists of 4 two-hour long group sessions, meeting on a weekly basis. Each 4-session cycle is going to be offered in different locations throughout Athens. The seminar is intended for parents who have children aged 1-8 years old and provides a series of “try this” tips, common knowledge secrets, tools, exercises, role-plays and much information.

The philosophy of the seminar is based on the combination of Life Coaching and Pedagogy. Its aim is to assist parents in achieving self-awareness, personal development, self-confidence, balance and a more positive approach towards life. Such skills will help them become more efficient in their various roles thus, feel deeper satisfaction. At the same time, parents will gain knowledge and practical skills regarding what to do, how to do it and why to choose the specific method to raise happy kids.

2-Dimensional Approach

  • Life Coaching
  • Pedagogy

The Happy Parents Happy Kids Seminar at company premises

The Happy Parents Happy Kids seminar can be offered through companies to working parents on company premises. The program schedule and concept described above are followed.

This seminar can become a meaningful contribution for any organization by increasing the satisfaction levels of the parents-employees. Such an increase is known to increase engagement. The seminar is an investment in the human resource capital of a corporation as it empowers employees and creates balance between their personal and professional lives.

The Happy Parents Happy Kids seminar can become part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of any company, by encouraging and supporting its people and adding value to their personal growth, in a corporate environment which actively supports appreciation and respect.

The result; Happy parents = Happy employees!